About Us
Spectral's vision is to revolutionize the global financial reputation system, empowering individuals, companies, and communities worldwide with data-driven risk management solutions powering smarter decision-making.
We act with integrity in all our interactions, both inside and outside the company. Trust is the foundation of successful relationships, and we work to earn and maintain the trust of our colleagues, customers, and partners.
We cultivate a culture of exploration and curiosity, embracing the playful nature of shared learning experiences. We are unafraid to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and continuously seek new knowledge.
We are nimble and can pivot and change course to achieve our goals and stay ahead of the curve, anticipating challenges and embracing change. We empower others to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.
We know that our combined efforts have more impact than any individual effort, and we value the diversity of our team and the unique contributions each of us brings. We win and fail together.
Our Team
Sishir Varghese
Co-founder & CEO
Kevin Choi
Co-Founder & Head of Data
Luca Vento Jorge
Zbigniew Pekala
Head of Engineering
Haig Douzdjian
Head of Product
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