On-Chain credit
scoring for web3.

Start your on-chain
creditworthiness journey.

powered by Spectral’s MACRO Score.


Multi Asset Credit Risk Oracle.
Your MACRO Score is
calculated using many
different pieces of on-chain transaction data.

Tied with your NFC, receive specific loan terms based on your on-chain

Non-Fungible Credit

Non-Fungible Credit

Sync multiple sources of
on-chain transactional history
into a single composable asset.

Bundle wallets and mint an ERC721
tied to your verifiably owned wallets.

Distributed Credit
Risk Modeling

Credit Risk

Credit Risk Modelers will
be able to submit their
models to our marketplace
and become part of our
global MACRO score.

Programmable Creditworthiness

Programmable Creditworthiness

A New Financial Primitive Built For the Pseudonymous Economy